west jasper/sherwood community league, edmonton, ab
west jasper / sherwood community league, edmonton, ab

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Edmonton Public Library

With your library card and www.epl.ca you can access the world without having to go out in the snow!

Want to spend your winter learning to speak Italian and dreaming of a Mediterranean vacation? You can access Rosetta Stone language classes for free on our website under Digital Content. Or maybe you want to learn how to take better pictures or finally write and publish that children's book you've always been dying to finish. Well, then our Gale courses are the place for you, with instructor led courses starting the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Of course if you or someone you know is in school, we have resources for school age kids including Solaro and Brainfuse. Brainfuse offers students learning support from kindergarten up to grade 12. There is also support for university courses, adult learners, and resume writing support for all ages. Students can chat live with online tutors and create study aids customized to their learning need.

The library loves to share stories! Not only do we share stories in the books that you can find in our branch or online but we can help people to tell their own stories. November is National Novel Writing Month and there are Write in events at libraries across the city. But if writing a novel is too much to take on, we can also help you to record and share your own shorter story. We have programs through our Canada 150 project that will help you to record a story which you can then keep for yourself and your friends & family or share with Edmonton. Do you have a family picture or story you want to record to pass on to the next generation? A story about a time in your life where something small made a big change in your life? Or just a story that you need to tell the world? The library can help you to record these stories using an app on your phone or technology we have in our branch.

If you don't have a story you want to share yet, you might want to get to know the stories of other Edmontonians. You can listen to the stories that have already been shared on our website. www.epl.ca/canada150. It's a great way to learn more about diverse people who are a part of our city.

If you have any trouble accessing our online resources or any other questions about our services, please send an e-mail to mdeforest@epl.ca or come in to the library, we would love to help!

Public Washroom Pilot

The City has been evaluating the need for public washrooms around the downtown and west end. There was one portable toilet at Butler Park, on 157th Street and Stony Plain Road. Visit Edmonton.ca/publicwashroompilot for more information.

Epcor Drainage-Sewer Construction Update

Work has resumed at 151 St. and 99 Ave. to rehabilitate the sewer line along 151 Street from 99th Avenue to 100th Avenue. Planning is also under way for an additional shaft at 150th Street and 99th Avenue. Epcor is also reminding residents to report sewer gas smells in their homes to 311.

Volunteer Recognition

We would like to express our gratitude to all the residents who signed up as a volunteer partner with the city Parks Department. Thank you, Christine, David, Irene, Paul, Dawne and Robin for weeding and picking up litter on our multi-use trail and playground. It was amazing the number of garbage bags that were filled after each session and the hours you worked in May through to the end of October.

We encourage residents to help our volunteers and don't litter. When you use our park or multi-use trail, please bring a garbage bag and collect any garbage that you see.

Leisure Access Program Update

On Tuesday, July 4, 2017, The City of Edmonton will launch a new component to the Leisure Access Program, making recreation even more accessible. Based on the "sliding scale" approach, applicants with income as much as 25 percent above the low income cut-o?? may be eligible for a new subsidized monthly pass. This pass is priced at $20/month for an individual and $70/month for a family. Additionally, income thresholds for the pre-existing Leisure Access Program were increased by 10 percent to welcome more low income Edmontonians to the free annual pass program for access to participating recreation and attraction facilities.

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