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west jasper / sherwood community league, edmonton, ab

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Are You Interested in Family Activities?

Are you interested in attending some family activities at our hall, for example, movie time, game night, water slip and slide, lego challenge, etc.? Please email Maria David at m2cdavid@gmail.com.

Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan

The Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan was adopted by city council as a bylaw on August 24, 2015. Highlights of this plan for West Jasper Place include: All new discretionary developments or rezonings cannot have front garages; parking access is from the laneway; buildings must display high quality design and articulation with no blank facades facing public realm. On corner properties, one front entrance must face all public roadways for semi-detached and row housing units. Apartments can only be developed where they currently exist and lots facing our park and school can be rezoned to Direct Control for row housing with a commercial component. As well, the city must explore opportunities in conjunction with the community to acquire land for new park space.

Top Five Neighbourhoods with the Greatest Increase in Property Assessment

West Jasper Place tied fifth with Woodcroft for an 11.4% property assessment increase! This is good advertising for our community since real estate agencies use this material to attract prospective home buyers to a neighbourhood. It shows the community is revitalizing with new houses and renovations.

Secret Ballot Vote On Draft Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan

On Monday, October 27th, 2014 our community league had a Secret Ballot Vote on the Draft Jasper Place Area Redevelopment Plan for all residents of West Jasper Place. We had an excellent turnout. 105 attended and 101 residents completed the Secret Ballot Questions. Councillor Knack was in attendance and he kept one copy of the ballots to present to city council.

Questions #10 and #11 were more contentious. Even those garnered approximately 75% in support. The majority said No to small scale convenience in the neighbourhood because personal service shops (massage parlors) are a permitted use, and apartments and bars are a discretionary use. The following are the questions with the results:

  1. Do you support that the Jasper Place ARP (Area Redevelopment Plan) reflects the same level of detail as the McKernan-Belgravia ARP?
    YES - 92 NO - 9
  2. Do you support an enforceable Area Redevelopment Plan?
    YES - 90 NO - 11
  3. Do you support that a minimum of 8 - 50’x150’ lots (approx. 0.5 ha.) be designated as Park space to bring our total Park area to approx. 2 hectares and that each Park parcel must be a minimum of 150’x150’? Also, a written business plan must be prepared for the community indicating the timelines of acquiring this property.
    YES - 96 NO - 5
  4. Do you support that until West Jasper Place receives the required Park space, no rezonings for transit oriented development south of 100th Avenue and north of 95th Avenue shall be approved?
    YES - 96 NO - 5
  5. Do you support that since the city purchased Grant MacEwan University on 156th Street to use as a multi-cultural non-profit arts center, that our community should be represented on their board in decision making and that their facility be offered to our community for recreation purposes?
    YES - 95 NO - 6
  6. Do you support that the ARP maps reflect our entire neighbourhood of West Jasper Place from Stony Plain Road to 95th Avenue and from 149th to 156th Street, and accurately state that there is no vehicular access in or out of our community, south of 100th Avenue?
    YES - 98 NO - 3
  7. Do you support that the Jasper Place ARP upholds Section 1.c. of the Residential Infill Guidelines, and eliminates Rowhousing around our school and park?
    YES - 94 NO - 7
  8. Do you support that unless the Transit Oriented Development Roadway Guidelines are upheld for 100th Avenue, transit oriented development shall not advance south of 100th Avenue and north of 95th Avenue?
    YES - 97 NO - 4
  9. Do you support that the Draft ARP indicate the current and proposed land use zones on the West Jasper Place map?
    YES - 92 NO - 8 SPOILED - 1
  10. Do you support RPL zoning which is Small Lot Single Detached Housing in the area from 99th to 100th Avenue?
    YES - 76 NO - 24 SPOILED - 1
  11. Do you support RF5 zoning for the Rowhousing area?
    YES - 73 NO - 27 SPOILED - 1
  12. Do you support Direct Control zoning for the Mixed Use Hubs in the Stony Plain Road area?
    YES - 97 NO - 4
  13. Do you support the Draft ARP’s suggestion of small scale convenience commercial in our residential neighbourhood?
    YES - 5 NO - 95 SPOILED - 1
  14. Do you support Contextual Development Regulations for Single, Semi-detached and Rowhousing which would address: height restrictions in relation to adjacent properties; building articulation on Semi-detached; entry requirements for Semi-detached and Rowhousing; and fire-rated siding (minimum Hardie Board) in the RPL zone, on Semi-detached and Rowhousing?
    YES - 97 NO - 4
  15. Do you support that for all new developments, a Contextual Mature Tree Regulation be enforced?
    YES - 91 NO - 10

Streets Abutting 100th Avenue Still Illegally Closed

At the July 9th, 2014 Transportation Committee Meeting, councillors were presented with documentation from the Municipal Government Act and an email from a senior municipal advisor stating that all streets must be permanently closed by a bylaw. After Transportation stated that it was not necessary, council only accepted the documentation as information. I was advised, however, by the city auditor that we should pursue this further. Currently, we are in a very vulnerable situation. Since these streets are not legally recognized as being closed and the multi-use trail is also in road right-of-way, Transportation can widen 100th Avenue and open our streets without consulting with the community. Sustainable Development also used this loophole to advance a rezoning in the cul-de-sac of 154th Street that did not comply with the Residential Infill Guidelines. This resulted in the destruction of one mature tree and some shrubs on our multi-use trail.